showing up

Lately, every which way I turn I see words that communicate something to the effect of, “If you don’t just do this thing now, if you keep waiting until you’re ready and it’s perfect and no one will think it’s stupid or lacking or… you will never do it. You just need to show up.” Maybe it’s even cliché at this point. But, obviously that’s how many repetitions it’s taken for the tiniest bit of the concept to start to sink into my reality.

The side bar tells me that my about page was first published February 5, 2015, and underwent fourteen revisions. Yikes. I’ve been cropping and snipping, mental scissors flying, (between long stints of nothing) for it to be juuuuust right so I can finally present it to the world, my glorious crowning achievement. Breathing a sigh of relief that I’ve successfully removed all possibility of criticism, I can slap the link onto social media for all of my adoring-fans-to-be to click on and delight in.

Meanwhile, I keep dreaming of finding more creative outlets. Working on my writing (beyond adding to my overflowing box of journals) so I can do more with it, whatever that might look like. Use it to process through some of my one million daily thoughts. Learn to receive criticism without my people-pleasing soul being overwhelmed with agony. Figure out what I like and who I am when I’m not just trying to meet someone else’s expectations.

So, in the spirit of just showing up, here goes.


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