a b o u t


Hi. Welcome.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure yet what this blog is about, but I’m trying to learn how to show up as-is, so here we are. For now, I’ll just tell you a little of what I know about myself today.

I’ve always had to write, and have a hefty box of journals to show for it. My brain quickly approaches overload if I don’t pour its contents out on the page at least periodically. Lately I’ve felt more compelled to share my thoughts more openly in an effort to connect, grow, and own who I am.

I feel pretty strongly about the virtues of creativity and beauty in their many forms, though I’m much better at dreaming and aspiring than I am at getting down to the business of creating. I believe that we were all created to create, in one capacity or another, whether or not it looks like the traditional definition of art.

Oh how I love the woods. They always feel like home.

I’m energized by the current conversations around simplifying life, stopping the glorification of busy, letting go of perfectionism, and embracing the present reality.

I limp through my walk of faith, and am amazed at God’s patience and grace with me as I go.  It’s been quite the unexpected journey.

I’m an INFP, if you speak Myers Briggs, and an Enneagram 4 – in summary, an idealistic romantic individualist. The more detailed descriptions of the 4 are a little too unflattering to share here, so I’ll just let you google it.

I hope you’ll feel welcome to share some of yourself in this space too.


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